Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Stellar Repair for MS SQL - Product Review

Stellar Data Recovery has an amazing product designed for the Microsoft SQL Server platform to provide data recovery solutions where databases or backups get corrupted, login passwords are unknown, and other all is lost scenarios like deletions. It’s inevitable and undeniable that most SQL Database administrators and developers would one day face one or more of these questions:

  • Do you have a corrupt database file and need to recover the data?
  • Do you have a corrupt backup file that you are unable to restore?
  • Are you missing records from a deletion of table, entries, and other database objects?
  • Did you forget or do not know the password to connect to your SQL Server instance?

If you need a resilient solution for any of these mentioned issues above or just one or two, then look no further than the Stellar Repair for MS SQL.

The software is available in three editions:

  1. Technician Edition: Database Repair
  2. Platinum Edition: Database and Backup Repair
  3. Toolkit Edition: Database and Backup Repair with Password Recovery

The Stellar Repair for MSSQL provides an a la carte way of shopping for your needed features. Instead of Stellar billing you for a one suite, the software has been priced based of the features. You could purchase a technician when looking into repairing a corrupt .MDF or Platinum to get the ability to repair backups or go for the Toolkit to have full access to all the above-mentioned features as well as reset SQL Server administrator and user passwords.

Some features you will notice with the SQL Repair software:

  • New and enhanced GUI.
  • Multiple DPI Supported (100%, 125%, 150%, 175%).
  • Saves the Scan Information.
  • Option to save repaired database to SQL Server Authentication.
  • Support for MS SQL Server 2019, MS SQL Server 2017, MS SQL Server 2016, MS SQL Server 2014, MS SQL Server 2012 R2, 2012, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, 2008, 2008 (64 bit), 2008 Express, MS SQL Server 2005, 2005 (64 bit), 2005 Express, MS SQL Server 2000, 2000 (64 bit), 7.0 and mixed formats.

The installation piece of the software is very easy and user friendly. The below steps would help you to successfully install the software.

  • Run the downloaded Stellar Repair for MSSQL.exe to open the setup dialog box.
  • Click next and accept the License Agreement to continue.
  • Browse and specify the location and folder for the binary installation file and click next to continue.
  • Select checkbox per installation requirements for the additional task screen.
  • Review your installation configurations and select back to modify any settings. Click start to install if ready.
  • Click Finish after a successful completion of the install.

 Launch the Stellar Repair for MS SQL from your start menu under programs or double click the desktop icon.

Quick Overview of Stellar Repair for MS SQL:

SQL Database Repair Software can help you fix the corruption and restore the data back in some cases even when the data is deleted. The easy to navigate GUI takes all the existing stress of dealing with a corrupt database.

The included deleted records functionality can assist in restoring deleted records in the MS SQL database (MDF) repaired file. By check-boxing the above highlighted [Include Deleted Records], the repair process will try to recover any deleted records (if found).

A left pane object explorer shows a tree map of all the database objects in the repaired database. You also have the functionality of being selective in your export/save of objects by check boxing the needed table(s). You can also directly view records in the tables to verify the consistency and data quality.


Below at the footer of the application is the Log report which provides a verbose log of the transactions that occur during the repair process. This is essential for troubleshooting and understanding the different processes that occurred during the repair.


Stellar Repair for MS SQL provides that enterprise-level SQL Server database repair solution that saves tremendous hours of administrative work of recovering a corrupt database. The entire suite called the Toolkit opens up all the amazing features of SQL Server password reset and SQL database backup recovery. The super-fast recovery algorithm can retrieve data from a corrupted database or backup file and create a new database or export data into other formats. The SQL user password reset tool allows the average user to change passwords without in-depth technical knowledge. I was not expecting such additional out-of-box functionalities such as multiple backup supports (full, differential, or transaction log). This is an all-in-one solution tool that I would recommend to anyone (technical and non-technical) that works with SQL Server databases.