Thursday, 27 September 2012

SQL SERVER : How to List All Email Subscription configured in SSRS ?

Often I used to get request from my business managers to get a list of all subscriptions configured in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) along with email distribution list. I did not find any option in report server report manager interface to achieve this. I usually run the below query on the reporting server repository database to get the list.


DECLARE @Subscriptions TABLE (
                Report_OID  UNIQUEIDENTIFIER,
                ToList      VARCHAR(8000),
                CCList      VARCHAR(8000),
                BCCList     VARCHAR(8000),
                SubjectLine VARCHAR(8000))DECLARE @ExtensionSettings XML
SELECT Report_OID,ExtensionSettings 
    FROM subscriptionsOPEN SubscriptionList
    FETCH NEXT     FROM SubscriptionList INTO @Report_OID ,@ExtensionSettings
    EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument @idoc OUTPUT, @ExtensionSettings
    INSERT INTO @Subscriptions
        SELECT @Report_OID,[TO],[CC],[BCC],[Subject]
        SELECT *
            FROM OPENXML (@idoc, '/ParameterValues/ParameterValue')
                    WITH (Name NVARCHAR(100) 'Name',
                        Value NVARCHAR(100) 'Value')
        ) AS SourceTable
                    MAX(value) FOR [Name] IN ([TO],[BCC],[CC],[Subject])
        ) AS pivottable
    EXEC sp_xml_removedocument @idoc
   FETCH NEXT  FROM SubscriptionList INTO @Report_OID ,@ExtensionSettings


            DEALLOCATE SubscriptionList

SELECT c.path,,s.Tolist,s.cclist,s.bcclist,s.subjectline    FROM 
Catalog c INNER JOIN @Subscriptions  s ON c.ItemID = s.Report_OID    ORDER BY [path], Name

This will list the all reports configured for subscriptions with following details of Report Path, Report Name, ToList,CCList,BCCList and subject line of email.

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  1. Hi, when running your above query I am getting the following error:
    Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 10
    Invalid object name 'subscriptionsOPEN'.

    Sorry, I am new to SSRS and SQL so any insight would be appreciated.

    1. It is alignment issue . Please move open in the next line as shown below

      SELECT Report_OID,ExtensionSettings
      FROM subscriptions
      OPEN SubscriptionList

    2. Hi John, I am looking for a similar query. But when I ran the above script, I get - Incorrect syntax near 'pivot'. Can you help. Thanks

  2. Thank you, that worked of course. Next time I will look a little closer at the query. Much appreciated.

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  4. Good query. I have a question one of the jobs has email to listed as |TO| but the status has bunch of email IDs. How to query these email ids.

  5. Thanks for sharing this query. Even though I am a coder I have always struggled with writing complex mysql queries.

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